Apply for Startup Showcase

Working on the next big thing? Get support from our Community! 

What is Startup Showcase

Discover a dedicated place for startups

Startup Showcase will be a dedicated area for startups where they’ll expose their product, service or technology to the curious minds that attend the event. 

Investors from angel investing groups in Romania, Venture Capital funds and startup journalists were the ones that joined the Upster Conference in the past. Seize the opportunity.


Why join?

The perfect place to make yourself stand out

The next big thing doesn’t appear over night. You can’t disrupt the market by yourself and you know that. Regardless the stage of the startup, connections are everything. 

Participating in the Upster Community will give you the chance to brag, to meet, to network, to launch your product or even to raise money. Don’t forget that you always have options but you don’t always have the context.

Exibition booth

where you will be able to virtually present your startup

Connect & network

meet the speakers and startups gamechangers like yourself

Get validation

at the presentations, workshops and other activities

Investment/Partnership opportunities

opportunities of investing in your startup