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Build. Measure. Learn – Helpful resources for startups

Resources that help you along the way

The process of building a startup is an ongoing effort to improve your products, services, processes and to improve your skills.

That’s why we believe that any entrepreneur who wants to take the startup path, needs to gather pertinent know-how in order to make wiser decisions and to have more chances of success.

Cluj Startups is here to support the startup ecosystem and in this case to support it with useful resources that can help you along the way.

We gathered 26 resources on behalf of the Cluj Startups community and we’ll keep this list public and up-to-date for all the startup enthusiasts, with the main goal to provide valuable know-how within the ecosystem.

We want to contribute more to the growth of the startup ecosystem and one way we help the startup scene is by building a library full of helpful and high-quality startup resources.

From articles, videos, podcasts, tools to help you make wiser decisions and increase your chances of success, you have them all on the Cluj Startups library page.

The main topics include 26 resources for startups
  • How to start a startup. Fundamentals.
  • How to build an MVP. Helpful resources.
  • How to scale your idea.
  • Building a team.
  • How to do sales and marketing in a startup.
  • About raising investment.
  • Tools for startups.

If you want to be more efficient, to know how to find pertinent solutions to your challenges, to know how to build a clear plan, get investment, and to obtain results, we recommend you to start the learning path.

The community is made by you and the goal of this library page is to gahter as many pertinent resources as we can in one place. That’s why we encourage you to bring your contribution and help us build the startup library page.

If you know videos, podcasts, books, articles that are worth sharing with us, please leave us a comment or an email on:

Thank you Mircea Vadan, for your contribution to this article. Mircea has a focus on Romanian #tech & #startups ecosystem and is the founder of Cluj startups and Activize, a startup consultancy company.

About me: I help business owners create high-quality, mobile apps and websites. I represent Around25, a startup focused software company and Cluj Startups, one of the biggest startup ecosystems from Romania.