All the known launched startups from Cluj-Napoca.

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Onyx Beacon
OnyxBeacon iBeacon hardware for micro location and context. iBeacon CMS for retailers RSS Feed.
iPhone and Android app that helps you track sales on major microstock photography websites.
The smart calendar app for managing personal finances.
Zonga este cel mai ușor și cool mod de a asculta muzica ta preferată oriunde, oricând, de pe orice device. Creezi playlist-uri, primești recomandări și ești la curent cu ultimele apariții ale artiștilor tăi preferați.
Largest cryptocurrency exchange service in Romania.
Easy to use application that helps you enjoy your time while ordering food or drinks. You can check the menu, order, call for the waiter and pay your receipt. It shows exactly the amount of your order if you are at a bigger table with others.
We’re on a mission to help fight financial crime by revolutionising the way companies can protect themselves from criminals, terrorists and money launderers.
Meinjob constituie singura platformă online din România dedicată exclusiv vorbitorilor de limba germană, care se află în căutarea unui job.
Intelligent collaborative robots, made in Europe.
Sine Smart House
The Sine smart home solution creates an ecosystem in which each element from the house is autonomously controlled. Our aim is to make advanced technology accessible to everyone and allow the end-users of any age and technological wisdom to easily control the system.
Car Troopers is an alternative to the classic rent-a-car. By using the app, you get rid of bureaucracy when renting a car, you benefit of affordable prices and you can get the car in less than an hour.
Sweed este o aplicatie prin care promovam toate evenimentele relevante ce au loc in Cluj, cu obiectivul principal de a oferi informatii de la evenimentele ce se desfasoara in momentul de fata (ongoing).
The smart home security system.
LiveRail is a monetization platform for video publishers. Acquired by Facebook in 2014.
Parking Plus is a technology startup helping companies in the parking and smart city industries with digital transformation.
Movating people to get better in a faster, easy and fun way.
Crestem Idei
Platforma unde se finanteaza proiectele inovatoare, pragmatice, concrete.
HackaServer is a two sided market place where companies deploy their replica servers and hackers try to find vulnerabilities, report them and get paid for what they love to do most: Hacking Servers.
We build technology and products for smart living spaces.
Plătește orice factură cu un click, direct de pe telefonul tău. Și asistentul tău personal Argentum se asigură că totul e în regulă, chiar dacă trebuie să meargă să stea la coadă la ghișeu în locul tău.
VisitorAnalytics makes website analytics quick and easy, automatically adapting to deliver the relevant stats. Tailored for major platforms (ex: Wix, WordPress, Shopify, etc.), targeted for non-tech people.
Pașii Mei
Aplicația care te ajută să fii mereu informat și în contact cu educatorul copilului tău.
Manage your benefits however you desire. There’s a world of opportunities out there, see all the benefits you can have
Primul Medic
Primul Medic is a mobile app that connects patients in real-time to medical advice from verified and vetted doctors, improving both the efficiency and reach of medical clinics and reducing time to treatment.
Trilulilu este o comunitate online din Romania unde vizitatorii pot urmari si contribui cu clipuri video, muzica si imagini.
Skobbler knows digital maps and loves OSM. We create advanced maps technology and smart location-based navigation apps for iPhone, iPad and Android. Acquired by Telenav in 2014.
Appointfix is an app that lets independent service providers easily schedule appointments, while on the phone with their clients, and reduce no-shows.
Tehnologie de ultima ora in domeniul 3D/Realitate Virtuala. Promoveaza orice spatiu doresti prin scanarea si crearea unui Tur 3D, care optimizat se poate accesa si cu VR Headset in Realitatea Virtuala
Calendis este o platformă flexibilă de programări online care se adresează unor categorii de afaceri variate: frumuseţe, animale de companie, medicină, sport şi agrement, auto, construcţii si instalaţii.
Cloud Centric este un nor informatic ce reunește diverse servicii informatice SAAS (software as a service). Utilizatorii, pe baza unui cont-utilizator, putând să își modeleze procesele specifice de business sau producție.
Bull Studios
Bull Studios is a mobile games development studio located in Cluj county, Romania.
Adlogica is a profitable, digital advertising startup established with one goal - deliver Customers on Demand.
Scaling Performance through Employee Engagement. With Engager, we want to increase the number of engaged people world-wide and turn their work into their passion.
HR Manager Pro is an applicant tracking and assessment Software-as-a-Service that allows recruiters to have an unlimited talent pool at their finger tips.
HeatUp Project
We use infrared heat sensors to monitor and control the heating process. It can also display the temperature of the food in real time. Check out a movie with our prototype here.
Bus Cluj-Napoca
Bus Cluj-Napoca App facilitates SMS ticket buying for CTP Cluj-Napoca Public Transport and offers details regarding transportation lines, timetables, news, tickets history, stations and their location on the map.
Cluj Bike
ClujBike App is the mobile interface for Public Bike System of Cluj-Napoca.
DexMobile App allows searching a specific word definitions in Romanian. It includes list of words on day and a widget with them.
Bus Bucharest
Bus Bucharest App facilitates SMS ticket buying for RATB Public Transport and offers details regarding transportation lines, timetables, news, tickets history, stations and their location on the map.
Simple & secure multi-factor authentication, transaction authorisation and data encryption service. Integrates in minutes. UNLOQ any web, desktop or mobile app.
Tralio™ is a research engine for the global investor who needs trend analysis, performance ranking and portfolio solutions. Tralio is also for analytics, queries, research and visuals.
FleetHolder is a cloud-based fleet management solution that aims to change the way businesses optimise their mobile assets, fleet operations and global data.
CleverWash este primul startup din România care dezvoltă soluţii dedicate spălătoriilor auto.
Smart Access Box
Open doors, barriers or gates with one tap on your smartphone! Get rid of extra keys or remote controllers for entering private parking or building.
hipMenu puts in your hands a photo album of the menu from a wide variety of restaurants representing local and international cuisines. Browse through the photos, make your choices, then place your order.
Platforma avansata de magazine online.
We help patients save thousands of dollars on their Medicare plan and community independent pharmacies increase their business. It's a win-win for everyone.
Tintag is a rechargeable tracking device for your lost items. It helps you find your keys, bags, pets, you name it, so that you never lose them again.
PlanningWiz is an online 3D floor planning platform, enabling users to model, furnish, decorate, visualize and walk through their dream home.
Planable is a platform for social media agencies allowing them to plan integrated campaigns, collaborate and get real-time feedback from colleagues and clients, and execute seamlessly.
Squirrly offers 3 SaaS products for Content Marketing Professionals: Squirrly SEO, Starbox - the Author Box for Humans and ContentLook.
FindNGO is a platform that allows everyone, all across the globe, to find causes that they care about and volunteer at NGOs that support these causes.
Viki is a home automation solution provided with artificial intelligence that controls everything from the lighting, climate, multimedia, irrigation, security to personal activities such as shopping list or daily agenda, from a single interface.
ConSix automates, corrects and measures data entry processes on web platforms.
A whole presentation platform for professionals. Create and deliver stunning presentations, engage with your audience and track your presentation’s performance, all-in-one place.
HalftonePro is a SaaS graphic design toolkit for both professional and amateur designers allowing them to easily make in minutes high-quality, complex geometric designs that used to take hours.
Track all your expenses, incomes, bills and loans to find out what happens to your money. Use CashControl to take control of your finances and save more.
Printivate is a drop-in SaaS that fixes, hallows, and optimizes complex 3D-print models, automating a process that can take many hours and reducing final printing time and cost by >65%. Acquired by 3D Hubs in 2016.
Instant fashion advice & style inspiration. Acquired by Greppy Systems in 2016.
Your new favorite weather app.
Provides a solution for cloakrooms and for customers. Instead of using a paper ticket that everyone is losing, they have an unique QR code that he staff from the cloakroom can scan and they can redeem their clothes using the same code.
Zimilar is a sophisticated fashion search engine, which currently aggregates most of online shops in Romania, but with the capability to scale internationally.
If you ever needed to find rent in Cluj, you must have surely had a lot of fun, checking the sites below for days on end, hoping to find a nice apartment. Well now, we decided to put all these websites in one place, so that you can find rent easier.
City365 is a real-time promotion system that helps venues increase profit through realtime deals when inventory is high or customers are few. Effectively, it is real-time Google ads for bars and restaurants.
Recording iOS and Android mobile user experience offering a collaborative environment for Developers, Designers and Software Testers for post and pre-launch products!
Augmented driving app. A revolutionary driving assistant app.
Restaurant Digital Menu and Management Solution
InPos Zone
A recommend system that connects restaurants and shops with real life..
FIVE helps you meet skilled people around and exchange knowledge
Platforma web prin care cumperi si donezi fara sa platesti in plus.
Fotocolaj is a web-based startup that allows people to design and personalize photo albums, calendars and other memorabilia. We print and send them to you with due care. Memories made easy!
The platform aims to improve the finding and the distribution of study materials, among students. They have the opportunity to search for and add study materials, that colleagues can see, comment, rate and more.
Bursa Mierii
Platforma de tranzactionare a marfurilor apicole. Conectam apicultorii cu beneficiarii produselor apicole.
Simple + actionable reports of your website’s behaviour from Google Analytics & custom expert support. Improve your digital performance!
On you can get the most of you social accounts Find out when it's optimal time to post, how to get more engagement and how to get more Instagram followers. Based in Sibiu.
ShareYourCart is the button that gives you discounts for sharing products you desire with your friends on Social Networks. Acquired by AddShoppers in 2014.
CallerQ helps sales professionals increase the efficiency of prospecting with smartphones and provides analytics to sales managers that like to stay on top of sales team performance.
Technological approach to the plumbing industry.
Trubzi helps you build your startup's website, so you'll have more time to deal with your product. Gather your team, craft a beautiful website and even a personal page, do A/B testing and gather leads.
Community-based, peer-to-peer marketplace with items for kids and toys.
Kingdoms of Teluria
Kingdoms of Teluria is a persistent strategy browser game which aims to bring gameplay, presentation and storytelling to an unprecedented level in browser games.
Epistemio focuses on improving the assessment of scientific publications and the management of institutional lists of publications.
Inspiră-te pentru următorul tău haircut! Frumosa este o rețea socială unde puteți viziona creațiile hairstyliștilor din zona ta.
Atelier provides a revolutionary new way of discovering and experimenting with fashion styles. In a 3D environment, you can browse and virtually try on different looks on a photo-realistic avatar.
TinyShroomz is a mobile puzzle game with mushrooms and snails with hand-drawn graphics and a compelling and increasingly challenging story-line.
Rently te pune în legătură directă cu proprietarii ca să poţi scăpa de problema chiriei cât mai rapid, ieftin și simplu.
Fingerdrum Legend
The game lets you experience the joy of music creation in a matter of seconds, through the use of sampling.
God I hate missing appointments. While missing an appointment with your hairdresser or your dentist it's embarrassing for you, for companies it's bad business because they loose money.
Iti cauti chirie? Vrei sa dai in chirie un imobil? Fizbo iti ofera un mod inovativ si simplu de a-ti cauta sau publica gratuit o chirie cu telefonul sau tableta.