All the known accelerated startups from Cluj-Napoca.

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VisitorAnalytics makes website analytics quick and easy, automatically adapting to deliver the relevant stats. Tailored for major platforms (ex: Wix, WordPress, Shopify, etc.), targeted for non-tech people.
Tintag is a rechargeable tracking device for your lost items. It helps you find your keys, bags, pets, you name it, so that you never lose them again.
Planable is a platform for social media agencies allowing them to plan integrated campaigns, collaborate and get real-time feedback from colleagues and clients, and execute seamlessly.
HalftonePro is a SaaS graphic design toolkit for both professional and amateur designers allowing them to easily make in minutes high-quality, complex geometric designs that used to take hours.
Printivate is a drop-in SaaS that fixes, hallows, and optimizes complex 3D-print models, automating a process that can take many hours and reducing final printing time and cost by >65%. Acquired by 3D Hubs in 2016.
Instant fashion advice & style inspiration. Acquired by Greppy Systems in 2016.
City365 is a real-time promotion system that helps venues increase profit through realtime deals when inventory is high or customers are few. Effectively, it is real-time Google ads for bars and restaurants.
Platforma web prin care cumperi si donezi fara sa platesti in plus.
Fotocolaj is a web-based startup that allows people to design and personalize photo albums, calendars and other memorabilia. We print and send them to you with due care. Memories made easy!
TinyShroomz is a mobile puzzle game with mushrooms and snails with hand-drawn graphics and a compelling and increasingly challenging story-line.
Phone Alias
Phone Alias is an app that allows you to use multiple numbers and profiles on the same phone.
FlashDraft is a collaborative content creation platform connecting creative ecosystems, including writers, directors, actors, videographers, etc. to develop original and dynamic content. is a solution that centralizes all your cloud accounts in one easy to use interface.